Priboi si Asociatii debt collection in Romania on success fee

Priboi si Asociatii is still present in the top of the debt recovery companies in Romania, with a wide openness to all European clients.

“We have a rich portfolio of foreign clients: German, Slovak, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Spanish, Polish who are proud of not only Romanians trust the quality of Priboi si Asociatii services but also Western clients …” Priboi si Asociatii, Andrei Priboi, who in 2010 was thinking of a company dedicated mainly to professionals, commercial companies, a company that works for its clients only on the basis of a successful fee.
Today, Priboi si Asociatii services remain unchanged – chargebacks without takeover fees, no hidden fees, only pay to the result, as soon as possible, clear, transparent to any customer.

With a wide range of clients, from most economic sectors – transport, agriculture, tourism, heavy industry, etc., Priboi si Asociatii is a successful partner of European companies that have to recover debt from Romanian companies.